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(sciatic nerve pain)
Diane suffered a Sciatic nerve disorder so painful that she was unable to walk. She describes extreme back and leg pain all the way down her back, leg and foot.
After four treatments from Dr. Xiao, Diane was pain free and walking normally. Asked if she would recommend Dr. Xiao, Diane responds, “most certainly!” She also credits Dr. Xiao with curing her son’s tendinitis through natural methods.

(Diane Kuhn of Shawnee, Kansas)


“I’ve been treated by Master Xiao for two years for frostbite. I had no feeling when I started with The Master and gradually the feeling is coming back into my feet and the pain is decreasing. This has been accomplished by heavy massage (Tui Na), acupuncture and Qigong. I will continue all three and hope my condition continues to improve.

“I would recommend Master Xiao greatly. He is a good practitioner.”

– Dale Kuhn, 80 Vet of Shawnee, Kansas


“On NY’s Eve 2010, I broke a small toe. A month later, both the toe and foot areas remained very painful, swollen and tender. The foot felt misaligned on stepping, and it seemed like arthritis might be settling in. I followed my general MD’s instructions, but the throbbing, aching pain continued. I made the decision to start Dr. Xiao’s treatments.

“In four treatments he used a combination of acupuncture and Tui Na, followed by heat therapy to remove injury dampness. The pain has finally completely disappeared, and the foot feels like it has fully healed properly.

“If not for Dr. Xiao’s excellent TCM treatments, I am convinced that my foot would have taken much longer to heal and possibly been a semi-crippling injury. Remaining active is a priority and I am very grateful for the knowledge of Dr. Xiao.“

– Jan, Missouri


(neurological virus shingles)
“I began seeing Master Xiao a little more than three years ago after I’d had an attack of the shingles in my left ear. That event left the left side of my face completely paralyzed and crushed my left ear drum.

“The medical doctor that I saw -and I saw a very good ENT who gave me very good care-after an initial dose of an anti-viral medicine told me that there was really nothing I could do and that he was certain that I would have at least a partial recovery but that I should not count on a full recovery. A partial recovery meant that I would always have a noticeable difference in expression on one side of face to the other.

“I began seeing Master Xiao about three weeks post event and immediately got treatment with acupuncture and deep pressure massage, and some exercises to keep my muscles in tone. I showed great improvement and continued to improve after my western doctor told me that there would be no more progress. I continued to improve over two years after the event by seeing Master Xiao.

“We’ve added tai chi and qi gong to that treatment program. Tai chi has been very helpful in regaining my balance because of the damage to my ear drum. I’m an avid bicyclist and couldn’t possibly get on a bicycle for about a year and a half and now I regularly bicycle. I’m also an avid fly fisherman. I could not get back into the stream and wade without great peril and I’m able to do that really effortlessly now. It (treatments) has been very beneficial to me.

“I would highly recommend Master Xiao to someone. Not only is he a good physician but he is a very kind and gentle man. I plan to continue working with Master Xiao on an ongoing basis. I’m especially interested in tai chi and qi gong but I continue to use his massage and acupuncture as well.”

– Alan W. (52, of Kansas)


smheadmary“After Dr. Xiao’s Chinese Chiropractic, I can stand up straighter… I can take longer strides… my neck feels looser. I just feel better all over.”

– Mary Smith, 90 of Overland Park, Kansas


“After barely escaping from a traumatic attack, I felt anxiety growing to near hysteria. Dr. Xiao was understanding to set a same day appointment. After he inserted three needles on my crown, the fearfulness/panic immediately started dissolving. I was amazed that this serious reaction was so quickly fixed. I left his office with a new sense of well-being which has largely remained.

“My general health and stamina is since benefiting from his Tui Na and acupuncture treatments. Yes, his English is a bit choppy, but he is an excellent intuitive doctor who truly cares about his patient’s health. It is a blessing to have this healer in the Kansas City area.”

– Anonymity requested