Dr. Xiao says that it is very important to take care of health issues when they first appear. The amount of time a specific condition has existed is directly proportional to the length of time for the condition to fully heal.

Based on the condition and seriousness of the health condition, Dr. Xiao plans custom therapy to return vitality and health as quickly as possible. Treatment methods may include a combination of tuina, herbs, movement therapy and others.

Video of Yi Zhi Chan

Chinese Heat Therapy

Dampness is very destructive within the body and once it has taken root it is hard to displace. Dampness causes stiff joints and pain. With last year’s wet weather conditions, internal dampness complications are common.

Heat therapy is very effective for sending warmth deeply into a problem area and relieving pain caused by dampness to finally facilitate correct healing.


Cupping treatment increases blood flow to both muscles and organs, stimulates the nerves and remove toxins that may have settled in specific areas. The muscles of the back have a tendency toward storing toxins which has a direct connection to spinal nerves that can weaken the organs. Cups are usually left on the skin for 10-15 minutes. After initial five minutes the body becomes accustomed to them and any suction discomfort lessons. Dr. Xiao normally uses 6-10 glass cups.

cupping cupsDark circles typically left on the skin surface are areas of stagnant congestions that have been pulled to the surface from deep in the muscles and organs. The body is then able to efficiently eliminate the congestion, allowing healing of fresh blood and Qi to enter. Dr. Xiao cupping video.