tuina, tui na

Types of Tuna (tui na):

• Deep Health Massage
• Gong Fu Tuina (tui na)
• Chinese Medicine Chiropractic
• Pelvic Correction
• Yi Zhi Chan Tuina
(one finger Kung Fu, spine treatment)


Tuina is a form of bodywork used to balance the body’s energy. Using tuina, Dr. Xiao has healed many people who have been unable to find healing relief through Western medicine.

Imbalanced energy can have many causes: fatigue, unhealthy lifestye, illness, aging, excess weight. Mental and emotional stress, for example can have immediate effects on our energy’s smooth and uninhibited flow. This restricted flow leads to muscle tension, which further restricts both blood and energy flow.


Tuina promotes blood circulation, remove blood stasis, rectifies anatomical anomalies and adjusts the bio-information of the body.

Benefits from tuina are multifold. Free flowing circulatory systems can restore vitality and more effectively maintain our health. The muscles relax and chronic pain is eased. Dr. Xiao’s tuina uses techniques to stimulate acupuncture points and clear meridians (energy channels) to achieve deeply curative effects.

From Master Xiao:
“Tuina therapy is the deepest ancient massage and one of the key essences of traditional Chinese medicine. History traces tuina thousands of years to the productive activities of the Chinese laboring people. It has been developed through constant clinical study. Tuina therapy is warmly welcomed by the mass of people due to its marked therapeutic effects in curing and preventing diseases, treatment convenience, and excellent results in strengthening the body condition.”

“Nowadays, as society is marching fast and science is continuously enhanced, Tuina is held in high esteem by many in the world medical community as a pure, natural medicine manual treatment without any side effects to the body”.